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Wikidata queries

Let’s play with Wikidata ( Return 20 items which are instance of human which have a twitter account: SELECT ?item ?twitter WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q5 . ?item wdt:P2002 ?twitter . } LIMIT 20 Or all Nobel Peace laureates:

Rails 5 tutorial: How to create a Chat with Action Cable

David Heinemeier Hansson recorded a screencast building a chat with Action Cable in Rails 5. Here we have a summary: # app/controllers/rooms_controller.rb # app/views/rooms/show.html.erb # app/view/messages/_message.html.erb rails g channel room speak # app/channels/room_channel.rb And on app/assets/javascripts/ we add: # app/assets/javascripts/channels/… Read More ›