As I described in a previous post, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting system which creates alignment within an organisation. In this post, I’ll describe an idea: OKR.Earth, a global repository of OKRs.

This repository would allow organisations and individuals to share their OKRs and find synergies. For example, many organisations and individuals involved in the protection of forests across the world could find new ways to collaborate and help each other.

To sum up, I feel that if more of us used OKRs and made them public, the Earth would be a better place. As the MIT professor Alex Pentland said, “The biggest problem in the world is not global warming, is not war, but how can we organise among ourselves to make good decisions and carry them out.” And I think OKR.Earth might help to coordinate all of us.

If you like the idea, please get in touch (hi@hectorperezarenas.com).

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