Measure What Matters (OKRs)

The book Measure What Matters by John Doerr describes a goal-setting system called Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).

Before introducing some notes from the book, here you have three recommendations by notable people:

  • ‘I’d recommend John’s book for anyone interested in becoming a better manager’, Bill Gates
  • ‘Measure What Matters shows how any organization or team can aim high, move fast, and excel’ , Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO
  • ‘Measure What Matters takes you behind the scenes for the creation of Intel’s powerful OKR system – one of Andy Grove’s finest legacies’ – Gordon Moore, cofounder and former chairman of Intel

There are many summaries out there so I’ll get to the point:

  • Goals are aspirational
  • You should have between 3 and 5 goals
  • Each goal is measured by 3-5 key results.
  • You should have goals which must be accomplished and others that stretch you to do something 10 times better.
  • Try to have an achievement of 70%. If you aim for 100%, you’re not setting challenging enough goals / key results.
  • Besides company goals and department goals, every person, including the CEO, should have personal goals and key results.
  • All goals can be seen and commented by anyone in the company.
  • It’s better not to tie salaries/bonuses to OKRS. Otherwise, people won’t choose really challenging objectives.

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